Poetry in Motion is: a concept, a way of life and the label created by us, Tete De la Course and Paul Rudder.

Poetry in Motion has started as a way to express our feelings, our thoughts and our sensations. Someone once said: there is no such a thing like happiness, there are only moments of happiness. We try to recreate those moments with our music. The music that helps us to offer you these moments of happiness is House Music.

If the vibration of music drives the composer, the result will be honest and healthy. And so are we. For us, music is the most important thing and we were born to serve it. This is what we learnt from The Loft and David Mancuso, and what we continue to spread with our work every day since then.

Welcome to our vision of music, welcome to Poetry in Motion.


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For Bookings and Poetry in Motion Label Nights, Please contact will@poetryinmotionmusic.com


For remixes, Please contact info@poetryinmotionmusic.com


Get in touch regarding licensing, by info@poetryinmotionmusic.com


DEMO POLICY We endeavour to listen to everything we receive and appreciate you sending them to us, thank you. Demos send to demo[at]poetryinmotionmusic.com ONLY streaming and Soundcloud links please. MP3s and WAVs will not be listened to.

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