Paul Rudder

«No gimmicks, just real house music vibes that jack and groove for days«
Poetry in Motion head honcho Paul Rudder is a Spanish artist coming from the beautiful land of Asturias. Being influenced by ‘House Music’ since a very young age, it was not until 2012 that he started to get into music production. Thanks to the unceasing passion he puts every day in the studio, in the last years he had the chance to release in some of the best house music imprints in the world like 124 Recordings, Peppermint Jam or Roots for Bloom, with his sound and style being recognizable and respected everyday more.

Majestic Casual Premiere – ‘Don’t Let Love’ | Houseum Premiere – ‘Herself’

Under his belt he has interview from his studio on Traxsource, premieres on Mixmag and Houseum channels, reviews on DJ Mag, etc. When DJing, Paul likes to range from disco to classic house, passing through lo-fi sounds but always keeping a melodic soul and a special love for warm voices.

Traxsource – Interview

Razzmatazz in Barcelona, Garage and Le Mellotron in Paris, Set in London, are just a few of the places he had the chance to delight with his music in the last year. Recently, after the worldwide success of his track “Got to Be” on Flat White Records (thanks to the viral Mixmag video of a dog dancing in Brasil with his buddy), a sold out vinyl release on Exploited and a jazzy EP on Fred Everything’s Lazy Days Recordings, Paul Rudder is rapidly becoming a sought-after name in the promoters list in Europe.


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